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Bus shelter advertising displays consist of ads contained affixed to shelters. It provide 24 hour visibility to automobile and pedestrian traffic.

FOB Price:
10 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
100 Pieces
Guangzhou or Shenzhen
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Product Description


Bus shelter advertising displays consist of ads contained in glass (back to back) backlit frames affixed to shelters. Mounted two per shelter, they provide 24 hour visibility to both automobile and pedestrian traffic. High circulation locations are usually along main roadways of a metropolitan area. The street furniture Network comprises myriads of advertising formats to meet with every customized need. Illuminated panels at eye-level positions create unparalleled overnight message impact. Our dedication in cleaning and maintenance ensures our medium looks fine for arresting campaigns.Bus stop is one of the most prominent outdoor formats designed to make your campaign stand out. In conjunction with domination underneath, bus shelter advertising adds real impact to your brand.A high quality back-lit panel encased in tempered glass commanding the attention of the most prestigious audiences. With display size exceeding 6.5 square metres, it is the market’s largest networked back-lit outdoor advertising panel. Serving as a billboard on a bus shelter but at multiple locations, it delivers unprecedented display impact with reach and frequency dramatically improved. Street Furniture Advertising provides the ideal opportunity to drive your brand into the minds of all commuters, pedestrians and motorists. Located throughout the city centre, suburban and rural areas, Street Furniture Advertising delivers point-of-sale and top of mind awareness. An added bonus is the positive contribution this medium provides to the community. Bus Shelters, Suburb Signs, Street Finders and Street Pole Advertising all fall within this category. Street Furniture Advertising is the ideal medium for mass market campaigns.  Highly cost effective, Street Furniture Advertising is designed to provide high frequency repetitive branding enabling your brand to achieve widespread exposure in target areas.   

Product Description  

1. Material: Stainless steel, steel sheet, aluminum, iron sprayed powder, tempered glass, etc. 

2. Style: Modern style, Elegant appearance

 3. Color: As per your requriement. 

 4. Type: As required. 

 5. Dimension: Customized deisgn. 

 6. Light box: Low power consumption.  

7. High quality. 

 8. Easy installation, and conveniently assemble. 

 Feature Details: 

 1)Structure description: 1 roof, 1 center box, 1 side box, 1 bench; 

2)Main material: Aluminum; Acrylic/ toughened glass/Poly Carbonate /honey comb plate; Screws; 

3)Main process: Alu. With sandblash/ galvanization/ powder coating; 

 4)Color: Depend on your choice in Ral color no.; 

 5)Usage: Show the city style and Advertisement.

6)Usage area: City, town etc. 

 7)Easy installation, and conveniently assemble.

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