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Led Screen Dispaly Billboard Structure

LED video advertising display billboards have emerged on a grand scale that converges into a unique display format that is one part print.

FOB Price:
1 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
10 Pieces
Payment Terms:
T/T, Western Union


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Delivery Detail:

Product Description


LED Billboard Structure Specification:

1)All the billboards are made of Q235 steel;

2)There are bolted structures and welded structures;
3)High strength,sturdy and durable;

4)Resist wind speed at 120km/h;

4)High earthquake resistance;

5)Anti-rust ,anti-corrosion surface, galvanized surface. The surface can prevent wind abrasion and sustain high temperature.

6)Service lifetime is over 10 years.

Excellent Service:

1)Each billboard would be rechecked by designer to ensure the safety and coordination to different countries' customer;

2)Provide both standard design and personalized design;

3)Strict quality supervision during the whole manufacture process;

4)Provide installation guide by professional engineer.

LED Outdoor Billboard Structure

LED Advertising Billboard Display

Hot dip galvanized steel

Spare Parts with Bolts and Nut

Digital Full color LED Billboards - The Future of Billboard Advertising
In addition to the many benefits provided by outdoor advertising billboard , this network of electronic billboards allows advertisers to achieve high-impact, high-resolution outdoor communication on a digital platform.

Digital Billboard Network Advertiser Benefits:
Tactical messaging 
A network of LED billboards allow for site- or time-based information to be adapted tactically, in a quick and inexpensive manner 
The message is updated simultaneously across the digital billboard network, enabling timely brand reinforcement 
The peak volume of traffic is about 70 000 cars an hour! 
Day-part message management 
Messages can be changed across the electronic billboard network or by site, to pick up on local lingo and events 
A range of brands or sub-brands can be interchanged within an advertiser's slot to allow message rotation and greater relevance
Real-time updates 
The digital billboard network will be set-up to allow direct data feeds, enabling relevant content (e.g. financial indicators, news headlines, weather updates) to be downloaded directly to a site, in a pre-defined, branded template, thus increasing relevance and flexibility 
Whilst standard copy changes will require a lead-time of 24 hours, more immediate copy changes will also be offered, providing greater relevance and flexibility


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