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Airport Scrolling Light Box Advertising

Airport advertising delivers your message to business and leisure travelers. Whether you're trying to raise awareness about your brand.

FOB Price:
1 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
50 Pieces
Guangzhou Or Shenzhen
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Product Description

             Advertising in airports is available in many forms and captures the attention of passengers at every step of their airport experience. Airline customers are a highly desirable audience of business and leisure travelers that typically have more disposable income, not to mention considerable time to see your message before flights. Messages are designed to attract attention, brand companies, products or services, elicit direct response and encourage point-of-sale purchases.

The scrolling LED board is a billboard advertising medium that optimally combines technical expertise and appealing design. Specially developed by Adhaiwell, it dramatically showcases 18/1-format billboards around the clock at traffic intersections, high-profile locations and arterial roads for maximum advertising impact.Six different advertisements can be presented at a single location, so fewer advertising locations are distributed throughout the city. The mega boards use a four-image scrolling technology developed in-house at Adhaiwell.

Technical characteristics of Scrolling light box.

India scroller.jpg

Scrolling light box Technical Features:

1. Cutting-edge technology, Europe and the United States simultaneously,
at a fixed interval grid dynamic infinite.
2. Electromechanical integration, electronics part of the high-precision
sensor positioning, mechanical parts with the main, driven transformation,
self-regulating devices, rotating fluid.
3. Acceptable non-standard specifications of the custom, size from
40 cm × 80 cm to 5 m × 6 Mi arbitrary production.
4. Size can do one-sided and double-sided or multi-surface models,
also due to demand for production of scroll left or scroll up and down.
5. May require production of hanging style, vertical and wall-mounted.
6. Small release of the machine is close structural design, will reduce
the overall weight of the lightest, and structural stability.
7. Small and medium-wide machine bonding parts made of stainless steel
rust-proof parts, and set the water-proof device.
8. Shell material can be designed to spray cold-rolled steel plate,
stainless steel material and aluminum alloy-based materials, a variety
of materials, shell color can be produced in accordance with customer needs.
9. The same light box can be displayed on the order 2-25 pieces of different
advertising images. Advertising can be any increase or decrease the screen,
easy to replace.
10. Set up automatic startup, shutdown procedures, with leakage protection.

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